Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who's Stirring up all the Dust????

Susan over at the The Pony Expression tagged me for a fun game of "Photo Meme" . It a fun game horse bloggers are participating in to try to keep things interesting. The idea goes like this; Go to your photo album, pick the 6th folder and then pick the 6th picture in the foler. Then post about what the photo is about. Last but not lieast, tag 5 other people to do the same by leaving a comment on their blog. So heres' mine. Now I have to go find a few more to tag!

This is our 2 year old Morgan/Barb colt . As you can see he decided to lay down and take a break in the middle of a training session. Actually this was his second time being saddled and he was really good about it. We finished up our session and I was ready to head otu the gate when Brego started acting like he was wanting to lay down. It's not uncommon for a colt to try to lay down in the beginning stages of saddling and I am glad he decided to try it before I was on him(although he still might) Typically they are just trying to get the itchy thing off their back. I always let them go ahead and do it so they can see that rolling with the saddle doesn't make it come off.. He did this on both sides and seemed satisfied when he was finally done


Rising Rainbow said...

That sounds like an interesting tag and the horse looks pretty comfortable with that saddle. That's cool.

Jonna said...

Brego is one of those horses that looks calm and collected even when he is not so we have to be really careful when working with him to make sure he has accepted something before we move on. I have tagged you for a game player as well. Thanks for playing