Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pulling Power

As the days roll by , Maggie is slowly getting better from her recent cold, virus or whatever it was that was ailing her, thankfully. I would say by the weekend, she'd be ready for another long day. She has had over two weeks off from work now. Unfortunately, two others, Rebel and Roman, began exhibiting the cough , snotty nose, lethargic affect. So they are working through their symptoms now. It may end up hiting the rest of the herd as well but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
With Maggie on the mend, I thought maybe some easy work in the arena might be good for both of us. With endurance season coming to a close for me, I shift gears a bit this time of year. I get back into doing all the "other " stuff as far as training goes.

Maggie is a Morgan and what is a Morgan made for??? Pulling, Harness....yes pulling a rider up hill (tailing) is a good thing too, but that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about hooking onto something with some heft and dragging it away, be it a log, a bawling calf , or whatever needs to be moved.
I started the leg work with Maggie this past spring with getting her accustomed to dragging tarps and dragging ropes. Maggie took right to it and the other night , with a short refresher course, I looped my rope around around small 8 ft wood pole and away we went, just like she'd been doing it all along. In time, we'll work towards pulling heavier and heavier objects and maybe I'll have to dust off my old harness eventually and get her hooked up to that!

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