Saturday, February 5, 2011


I took a walk today on my horse, bareback with nothing but a halter to guide her. We tromped through snow drifts and lazily made our way around the pasture, once, twice, three more. My ears and nose pink with the cold, but my hands warm tangled in her mane. It was the first time since November I have climbed on a horse. My senses awake and alive.
It wasn't much of a ride, but Maggie was huffing a bit, almost felt a bit warm with all of her hair. Do I dare call it the first condition ride of the season??? No, not a condition ride. A time to remember, to remind, to reconnect. To feel, to sense, to listen to each others hearts.
It wasn't much, but It will have to do for now until the snow melts away, the evenings linger just a bit longer and the sun warms our faces. It wasn't much, but it was a start.

The road ahead hold promises, dreams to come and miles to run, and sunsets to chase.


Dom said...

It sounds lovely. A hint of good things to come.

cheyenne jones said...

Sounds like heaven!

CG said...

Jonna- I've been reading your blog for quite a while and really enjoy it, I recently started tring to write myself and have given you an award over on my new blog-

Hope JB is still doing well!

Karen W.

Jonna said...

CG-sorry for the delay - just saw that you left this! Thank you - will go pick up my award. Your so kind.