Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Curse this Weather!!

It has not stopped raining since Monday afternoon. It's 40 degrees with rain and wind. The horses are shed out so as a result, they were quite cold when I went to feed this morning. I had to blanket two of them, one of which was Maggie. She has access to a small loafing shed but it's under water and she won't go in it. The other was my old gelding Rebel who is just older and gets cold. He also has a barn , and was under cover, but is still a bit wet and cold. I threw a boat load of hay at everyone to help  keep them generating heat.  I heard Maggie cough.. I hope she is not catching a cold. I will have to keep her blanketed with alot of food in front of her and keep my fingers crossed.

I am so agitated at this weather. It's so disgusting.... can't get anything done.. exept maybe closet cleaning or vacuuming.. ugghh...

East of here, there were tornado watches... yes, Tornado watches...this is western Montana... we don't get tornadoes... wtf?? Two nights ago,  we had hail, wind, thunder and lightning like it was the end of times... This is our rainy season but this weather pattern seems to have gone above and beyond the norm.

No riding today as scheduled.. too nasty out..  and the rest of the week doesn't look much better.

Somebody send some sunshine.. I have my wood stove going for goodness sakes and it's June!!

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