Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Making Gold From Rust"

 That post title should sound familiar... if not... keep reading..

Tomorrow, I will get up early, to go for a ride... just to go for a ride... that's it.. Simple.. and I am more excited about it than I have been for a looonnnngg time...

 I am meeting a friend.. and we are just going to go for a ride... simple, no mileage requirements, no time constraints... no speed minimums.. no heart rate monitor with gooey alove vera gel..

..Just a plain old boring trail ride.....I can't help but hum the old tune from the  Elton John song... Look Ma, No Hands... It just kinda fits my take on the horse thing these days...figuratively speaking...

I'll take a rainy day
To make a champagne shower
Poach some horn and tusk
To build an ivory tower
Been to Philadelphia
The day it was closedI
 walked to New Orleans
Down a Louisiana road
The skeletons they hung
From the bushes and the trees
But not a skull among them said, "Boo" to meIn a time of wine and cheap cigars
I'm on top of the world
Top of the world Ma
Look Ma no hands
Look Ma ain't life grand
I'm a super power, and I'm a handy man
Didn't I turn out, didn't I turn out to be
Everything you wanted
 MaAin't you proud of me
Takes a silver tongue
To have the Midas touch
Not your alchemist
Making gold from rust


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irish horse said...

yeah! Get out an have fun. That's why we have horses in the first place! I just did a moonlight ride, walked along the lake with the moon reflecting, and exactly what you say, not training, just having fun. Keep it up!