Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Springtime Chore Poem

Borrowed a friends tractor

Corrals all scraped and mucked
No more smelly winter manure funk

Evening chores now take more time
No rest for the weary , we have to keep it up

April snow showers fall all around

Bundled up and dressed to stay warm
Boots,  hats , layers galore.

Despite the weather it must be done
Fly season will soon overcome

My purple pitchfork and rusty old wheelbarrow make our way

Get those corrals clean for another day

One wheelbarrow at a time I start to get close

Won’t be long now and I ‘ll have just one more to go

My fingers growing colder with every trip I make
Won't be long now and I will have made
The Robbins cheerfully sing their song as I pass by
My wheelbarrow full of poo , one more time.
The wind blows my hat off
Dust burns in my eyes
I cuss this Montana Springtime weather
Giving anything if only to not to have these blasted chores
Instead I could be inside, enjoying the warmth
It won't be long and the month will be May
But those corrals will be clean for yet another day.
Ok folks, I am no poet as you can see,  but I had several lines rolling around in my head for the last few days as I made my way through my evening chores.  It's silly but it was fun to get it all down on paper.
I thought it nicely summarizes my very exciting evening routine on the farm.

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