Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Get your Green on...

For those of you living in parts of the country that have gone from lush to "crunchy", and are craving green, this one's for you (Irish Horse)..

This is the reason I live in Montana. Beginning in June, it's like Ireland in the Flathead Valley.
We all suffer through months of cold and gray to experience 4 months of gorgeous scenery. It's truly the best time of year..Ofcourse, the green lush grass can be deadly for little fat Morgans so the horses have to suffer through dry lotting with brief grazing periods until things cure out a bit in July..

Since I haven't been on the trail much, you will have to suffer through photos of Acer Farm... With any luck, I can get out on the trail soon and get some other trail riding photos.

The front yard.. and south facing pasture beyond

The corrals- as you can see, Maggie gave me her best side for the photo..Brego taking a sunshine nap in the background.

The north yard , haybarn and corrals

Green grass you say??Yah, we got that...

another section of south facing yard , oak trees and one unruly Russian olive that needs to be chopped down for bonfire wood

Close up of south facing pasture- Death by Grass for Maggie
JB , waiting to be let out to graze
Looking off to the North . You can't see it because of the tree but the Big Mountain Ski Area is within view from my house in those distant mountains.
More lush pasture under the big old ugly Larch..It's a landmark...

Strawberry blossoms
The ditch bordered by Caragana shrubs

. Onions and strawberries... weird combo but it helps with keeping bugs to a minimum.

So there you have it.. green stuff  and lots of it..
And just for fun...
here's a really  horrible shot of me riding Fancy a couple months back in my jumping lesson.. it was dark and hard to see because he took the OLD camera, but this was the day I had some really awesome moments jumping. In this photo we are making our way around the arena to take my first in and out on her. Ofcourse, the photographer failed to take ANY pictures of that..
 ("T" is really talented at getting horrible pictures of me.. .)


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irish horse said...

lovely! Your yard is just gorgeous. Thanks for indulging me, as I'm about to head out on the dry, dusty trail where it is already 90 degrees, more than 100 expected by the end of the week. Maybe I need a Montana vacation...