Friday, March 21, 2014

Just For Fun Friday

I thought I might try this for a bit and see how it shakes out.. I follow a few other blogs, some not horse related at all.. (surprised?) and find some pretty cool stuff.. So , maybe on Fridays,  I will  link up to something I deem worth sharing that week. The choosing will be hard. There are so many good ones!

The video came from The Adventure Blog and it's actually an ad  for a GoPro Cam.

 Nonetheless, I thought it worth sharing because of the super cool video footage of a Grizzly bear and her antics.

I won't ruin it, but are these camera's Grizzly bear tough??  

Grizzly Bears are near and dear to my heart, being that I live in an area that they are not so uncommon to run across.

In fact, I have , on a horse, more than once.

.I think I did a post about my encounter but couldn't locate it easily on my blog . As the story goes, we ran into a sow and two cubs. They were close, close enough to smell  and way too close for comfort. Being in a situation like that, I found myself transfixed somewhere between being so scared I could barely breathe, to absolute awe at what I was witnessing to trying to logically figure out how the hell I was going to get me and my horse out of there safely should that humongous mama bear decide we are a threat..

Anyways, I have all the respect in the world for these great creatures and I hope that I never have to run into one that close ever again!!

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