Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Season for the Horse Lover in your Family

The stores have had Xmas decor up for weeks now, in fact I think I started seeing it right about the same time they started putting out Halloween candy and decorations. It seems like it gets earlier and earlier every year. The big pressure by retailers for consumers to spend. Every year it's worse and worse. I heard that retailers are expecting to set yet another records profit year. We Americans sure love to shop. I am pretty sure I don't contribute too much towards those profits. I am not much of a shopper, unless it's in tack store.. ofcourse. I definitely don't get wrapped up into the Black Friday thing. Ofcourse, last year, we did do the Thanksgiving night shopping, on our way home from dinner and got ourselves a new flat screen for a screaming deal. For the bargain price, I was willing to make a small exception, but only if there wasn't a line. There was a small line and we were in and out in 20 minutes..Flat screen in tow.

Since I am a horse person, most of the things I truly want for Christmas  anymore are horse related items...and not necessarily needed items for the household..( a cuisine art frying pan?? really)

*ok the TV wasn't necessarily NEEDED since we already had one TV but..let's not split hairs here!


Since I am also the only horse person in my family, it was a very rare event growing up that any of my gifts resembled anything horse related. Ofcourse, I had great gifts, I am not complaining.. my parents worked their tails off to provide us kids with fantastic memories. But I do recall, in spite of my best efforts over over a period of several years,  my family never could quite  grasp the concept of that buying  a  saddle pad , a horse blanket , a bit, or a new pair of reins was acceptable and exciting to me.

So for all of you that might know of a horse person in your life, here's a little something that might help and believe me,  if you gift with a horse related gift,  you will be crowned the best christmas gift giver in the eyes of your loved one that has a larger wardrobe for their horse than they do for themselves.. I promise.

Let the Holiday Madness begin!

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