Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saddle For Sale

If anyone is interested, we have decided to sell the McClellan. I plan to list it on but thought I would post it here as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit any of our horses well enough. Tom built this saddle in 2007 with the help from Jeff at Shooting Star Saddlery in Niarada, Montana. He had hoped to use it as his main horseback Archery saddle but it did not fit Cassidy well. I tried to use it on JB as it would make an excellent endurance saddle but it has too much rocker for his back. It would best fit a horse that has more of a dip behind the withers as opposed to a flat backed horse.
We purchased the tree , rawhide covered wood, from a McClellan tree /saddle shop in Texas and then Tom and Jeff built it up from there with a few customized touches.
It's a nice looking saddle that is very comfortable to ride in. It has a very traditional look and is about 12 lbs (maybe even less) The stirrups still need to be wrapped in leather to finish the traditional look or could be replaced with endurance stirrups. All the tooling on the saddle is hand tooled. It has traditional center fire rigging that has alot of adjustments. Sheepskin on back is in excellent condition. It also has 6 tie strings attached, perfect for an endurance rider. The size is approx 151/2 seat. This saddle has been used very little and is in excellent shape.

I have several more pictures if anyone is interested. Asking price $850.


Susan Catt said...

Send me pictures of the saddle please preferrably without blanket sitting on JB front back and sides. How wide is it?

Jonna said...

Hi Susan, I will send some additional photos. Try to get new ones done tonight. As far as width, I would have to measure but it's actually sitting on my Morab gelding in the photo who is medium in width. It fits his withers well.

I'll be in touch soon

All Who Wander said...


If this saddle is med wide no how no way it will fit Phebes. She has a thirteen inch wither spread and a very flat back. But thanks for thinking of us.