Friday, February 17, 2012

Snowed On

A three day weekend approaches. Can't wait. Two days ago, it was looking promising that I would be able to go few miles down the road (as much as I hate road riding)with Maggie. Last night, we got 2 inches and it's cold. It is supposed to warm up to 40 degrees today. That's fantastic news. That means that it will all melt off today, freeze tonight, and make the roads an ice skating rink most of the weekend. Fabulous. Guess it's back to the arena if I want to get any ride time in this weekend.

I really envy all of you that live in places that have access to reasonable footing for riding this time of year,. It's not the cold I fight, I can bundle up well enough to ride for a couple hours and withstand it, it's the darn footing.

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