Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back on the Horse

Well, figuratively speaking. As much as I would like to be throwing down a post about a wonderful ride today,I can't. No riding..just whining about weather and ice , the usual. However, I am back on a running schedule of sorts. Last week I ran 3 times, all of them 1.5 to 2.5 miles (please, try to hold back your snickering, I know it's not much ). The achilles tendon appears to be holding up and not causing me any pain. It gets tired but not painful. Nothing like it was a month ago. I now have two weeks of running on the books.It's good to be back to it. I am working on my mid foot landing form and the odd part is that if I try to think about landing mid foot, I can't. I heel strike. Not the goal here. If I just focus on bringing my knees up a little higher than I normally would, then things seem to start working. Jonna, over think something??? NEVER! So, I think I am back in the saddle, so to speak, in my own "endurance" quest of sorts. I am probably being overly cautious because I think I could probably add another mile without much trouble but I do not want to reinjure myself. I feel my best right now at 2.0 miles. After 2, I am falling apart in form and breathing.. I know its all mental. I broke through this same "block" 2 months ago complelely by mistake but this time, I have to think about it. April is coming fast...

Speaking of breaking through. We hit the 40's today along with a snow eater... (chinook). The overnight temps are not supposed to dip too much. Several parts of the pasture have turned into their spring time lake, in only a few hours time today.
Now, we wait.
We wait for the water to "crack" the frost and for the water to saturate into the ground. In one of my favorite books "Valley of the Horses" , it seems the ' Foehns' are a real thing. For the last couple of weeks, I noticed people , even myself, are more irritable and testy with one another. It's the evil sprits that ride in on the spring winds. The equinox is coming and with it... warmer weather and saddle time..

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