Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mud Rat

Today had a pretty tight schedule , lots on the To do list but this afternoon, I just had to take advantage of the mild weather. I ran into town early and got back by 1:00, unloaded the car , changed clothes , put the muck boots on and headed out to find this....

Yes,  there is a horse under all that mess and mud. The mud princess...I took one look at  her and didn't even know where to begin with the grooming.This job was going to require the metal cow curry... no two ways about it. If it had been warmer, I would have just hooked up the hose.Wet caked mud... lovely.

After alot of elbow grease, hair in the mouth and sore forearms, this was the final product.. It doesn't even look like I made a dent..Sigh....

Here's what I am fighting- Wooly Mammoth Morgan winter coat.

We did saddle up and went up the road. It was a much better ride than last weekend. Only one small temper tantrum when some horses galloped up to a fence along the road , but overall , she did much better.The whole 2 miles out, we were on a loose rein and a fast but relaxed walk..

After the ride... see the lower lip????She's back talking me and yes, the mud is still there, only now it has a little horse sweat mixed in. I brushed her more,  but there's no help for it.. I turned her out to the pasture and what did she do???

Found the biggest , sloppies mudhold she could find and rolled...

That's my girl!!!


Funder said...

At least she's mud colored and it kind of blends in! She's got Dixie-quantities of winter coat. I totally feel your pain.

Glad you got out for some fun!

All Who Wander said...

We are shedding like crazy here in the midwest. At least your mare is dark enough to hide some of the dirt. Journey looks downright nasty. Can't wait to get all that winter fur off.