Monday, April 16, 2012

The Elusive Pete's Ridge

Pete's Ridge is one of the "talked " about trails in my local horse circles that seemed to always be a bit elusive. I ride alot in the state land as mentioned previously known as Kuhns. It's not a huge area but it's easy to get lost in . Just ask all those dogs I run across. There are a lot of trails and is winds around state, federal and private land.  Some of it is gated or signed and you know not to enter. Some of it isn't gates or signed and your riding along thinking everything is fine, until some crazy lady/man with a large gun meets you at their proeprty line  and yells that you are trespassing. So that is usually a pretty good indicator that you are not on state land any more. 

Last year they started logging this and if it wasn't confusing enough before, it became twice as bad. So, for two years I have been trying to find Pete's Ridge without being met by an unhappy property owner.  On Saturday, with the help of a friend , I finally got to experience it. Let me tell you, Cougar Rock got nothin on Pete's Ridge... atleast if I were to guess, Cougar rock is a close second to what we climbed on Saturday.

Stay tuned for photos, the ride recap  and maybe even a Garmin connect (Basecamp) display, assuming I can figure out how to make it display right. I spent two hour fiddling with the new laptop and managed to get my Garmin driver software successfully uploaded.After a decent amount of stumbling around , I was finally able to upload the route I had marked, along with all the waypoints I had flagged along the way but the background  on the site is just blank??? I can click into another screen to get mileage and elevation changes but  I can't seem to get the nice display that I see you all are able to do ?? Any advice to get this to look right would be greatly appreciated!

***P.S.. Oh, almost forgot.. I finished my 5K.. and didn't die... 33 minutes..and I finally beat the midget (no offense meant her to those that are vertically challenged, including myself,  but there is a bit of a funny story here) If anyone wants to hear the run story I would be glad to share it , but you'll have to ask. Otherwise, I won't assume you want to be bored with it because for now,  it's tucked away neatly in my "To DO, TO DONE Bucket.

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