Monday, April 2, 2012

Laptop is Dead

A few weeks ago I thought the laptop was making an odd clicking noise once in a while,  but I ignored it, ..thought it was just the new updated virus scans running in the background. Yep, Queen of da NILE.  I knew better. I make a living working on the darn things. Came home Friday night, went to log in to pay a few bills. Got the dreaded black screen with this across it

"Operating System Not Found"

That can't be good...

We took it to Best Buy on Saturday. We give a quick explanation of what happened to the young, wet behind the ears techy geek squad guy  behind the service desk. He then  looks at me and says "Have you backed up recently?" to which I replied.."Yes, in fact, I just backed up into my parking spot out there". 

Blank look from techy geeky guy......

...scowl from husband (which I could see out of the corner of my eye but pretended not to)

(sigh..... fine I will play nice)

Young techy geeky guy assumes that I am just some dumb girl who only uses the computer to download stupid YouTube videos and  go onto facebook finally says (after a bit of a long awkward pause)

 .. "well, I am 99% sure that your hard drive is toast"

I decide to be less mean and say

"Really, what makes you so sure? 

He then starts asking me a bunch of other questions of how the laptop was behaving over the last several days and comes to the conclusion that he is right after all. He then begins rattling off numbers of what it would cost to have their "tech team"  rebuild it . Ofcourse, they want you to buy their tech support plan  for an added fee, and this add on service for another fee, or if you buy this whole meal deal package, it will save you 20% and you get all these other services.. blah blah blah blah blah....

I let him rattle on  for a few mintues and then when I couldn't take anymore, interrupted him and asked for a breakdown of their fees, a list of services that I could look at... and digest because listening to him was making my stomach turn at that moment.

He handed me this horribly printed out , crooked on the page, black and white list of services that looked like a 1st grader created .  I looked at it for long enough to seem polite, grabbed my laptop , and said "Well, I will take a look and let you know if" ....and out the door we went. 

I decided  inside of 10 seconds that I was not going to be  buying their stupid "plan" which has a ton of services I don't need nor will I ever use. I just wanted to know two things:   could they salvage anything from the existing hard drive and what it was going to cost to yank out the old hard drive and stick a new one in..
That's it!!

Apparently it's not that simple anymore.

So, in support of local business, I will be taking my dead laptop to the little hole in the wall tech place down the street... I am even willing to pay a bit more because I know I won't get sold a bill of goods....

Long story short, I will be off line for a bit.. My Ipod just isn't fun to try to blog from... ! Ofcourse,  you can always catch up with me on Facebook if you really need to!

Here's to a Great Week~!

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