Thursday, May 24, 2012

Domino Effect.

I started off my week with a migraine on Monday. They happen occasionally from an old Whiplash car injury , (and stress at work never helps). That set things into what has felt like a downward spiral. This whole week has been out of sync ever since in seems.  Things are work are always messed up,, expecially end of month when tons of reporting has to be submitted, so that's expected but one unscheduled day out of the office and I am in catch up mode which caused me to miss being able to take Wednesdays off through the summer months.

The other half is getting ready to head to Canada for his first Horsback Archery Compettion for the season. Hope he doesn't need much for clean laundry , cuz it hasn't been done!! (rode all last weekend..oops)

And, it's been raining, acutally we get sun, wind, torrential downpour, wind, sun, torrential downpour. Makes it hard to get anything done in the riding department. Better yet, my Toklat Coolback Saddle pad that I ordered 3 weeks  ago but had to wait as my blue color choice was on back order FINALLY arrived. That was my highlight of the week, only to come to the realization that I can't even really try it out because the Specialized saddle is out of commission until I get it refitted, in two weeks. So it sits on the back of my couch... for the cat to sleep on...Atleast I can admire it..

I might try to use it under my Duett.. It might just work but it's seems awfully big for that saddle. Only one way to find out I guess. It might work , but just look really dumb...

Last night, Maggie appeared to be responding to the chill in the air  and was  bouncing around in her corral like a ping pong ball. It didn't help that we took her friend Brego and put him out in the pasture for some grazing I suppose..She is totally in love with him. (Hmmm... I might have to rethink bringing him along on the trip to Idaho for the ride in July.)...The rain  let up and I thought I better take advantage of it. I quickly changed into riding clothes and went out to get Maggie, passing the hubby on the way in. His only response , was "your riding that thing?"   By now , Maggie was doing a pretty good rendition of a rodeo bronc.

"uhhmmm... why yes I suppose I am"...

She settled down just fine and I stayed mostly dry on our arena session . In fact, Maggie did beautifully last night, one of the better arena sessions we have had since before the saddle really started to bug her (when I didn't realize it was bugging her). She seems to be  much happier in my Duett.. Go figure..She has stopped being so rushy in the arena and I can only assume it was because of poor saddle fit. So at this point, I am going to keep her in my Duett and most likely compete in that for the July multi day. Even if I get the Specialized working better, I don't want to take a chance at changing things around once again.

The weather is supposed to be crummy all weekend, so hopefully I can get one longer ride in at some point over the course of three days...

Or , if not,.. there is always laundry to do..

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