Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Maintenance

It’s Monday, and I woke up to frost, 25 degrees out. I had to scrape my car windows. Good thing I covered the herb garden last night because I transplanted all of my indoor starts yesterday. Would have been a waste of all the time and effort, only to lose them less than 12 hours later of them getting put in the ground. It’s May and its Montana and I know it stays cold up until July most years, but I am growing quite tired of it . I know there isn’t much I can do about it but it just confirms in my mind how ready I am to make a move to a warmer location. Can’t do it now, but it’s one of those long term 3-5 year plans looming out there.something to look forward to when I am riding in 4 layers in June, just to stay this side of freezing my ass off.

That said, I may as well focus on something I can control.

A few of you may have noticed that I have officially become a follower on some of your blogs. Crazy as it may sound, I was physically having to go onto each of your blogs in order to see any updates… I know.. how old school… right? It was just one of those things that I never got around to doing and quite honestly, I kind of enjoyed going onto each site individually to see updates . Unfortunately, time is a hard to come by commodity for me and I want to do a better job of staying current on the latest blog updates. So, in an effort to become more efficient with my blog addiction, it was time to do something about it. If I haven’t gotten to your blog yet, don’t worry, its just that I am making my way down the list, in no particular order , as I get a few extra minutes.

I also had to update my main page with a couple of additional photos of some of the other “kids” on the place and adjusted some different verbage in some of my other page elements and I added a follow by email option because I really like that on some of the others blogs out there. Makes it soooo much easier!

This week, I actually am taking a few days off from work. The weather I already have my days scheduled to the max with to-do’s. Riding is number one on the list, but I promised myself that at some point, I would do some concerted house cleaning/organizing instead of the quick cursory cleaning I do most weekends.

Two work days… I can do this..

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