Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nightcrawlers and Yard Wreckage

Ok, this is a real non sequitor to anything having to do with horses or endurance of any kind, but it does have to do with this "farm" life.  It started two summers ago we noticed all these little dirt clods all over the yard.  I could feel all the little bumps under my feet when I walked. We were told it was nightcrawler castings and we should be glad because it meant we had a healthy yard. We were told there wasn't much we could about other than try to attract more birds to eat the worms and maybe run an lawn rake over it to smooth the bumps out.
 That was two years ago and I think we now have every nightcrawler within a 5 mile range in our yard. The yard has developed into a total wreck. Now that most of the snow and ice has melted it's really noticeable.  We have sprigs of brown grass interspersed between clumps of castings . The result?  A yard of mud.  The dogs are not helping. They are out there tearing it up as they run and play. Duncan has discovered these irritating little pests as well. If one particularly pisses him off he,  digs at the ground and barks at it.

Yes, my Borgi hunts worms. A highly regarded skill indeed.

Sly Worm Hunting Dog (You can sort of see all the lumps and dirt in this photo)
With all the mud, the hounds have been sequestered to the garage where they get their toweling off. They enjoy that chore alot more than I do and seem to think it's alot like a spa treatment.

No, Duncan, this is how you do the sneak move on the ball..

a little to the left... yep, that's the spot...

Go ahead, try to get my ball...

I said.......MY BALL!

Meanwhile, all toweled off and back to work at the office (sshhhh, she doesn't remember we aren't supposed to be in here on the nice office rug)

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