Friday, March 1, 2013

The Mud Diva gets a new dress

I found a great deal on a midweight blanket for Maggie after discovering her heavier winter blanket had either shrunk , or more than likely she grew. I put it on her and immediately got the pissy mare looks.

It was a bit..    ahem    tight..

she kinda looked like  a stuffed sausage in it..(sorry  miss thang)

It was also too short, which I don't recall being an issue before but I could just be forgetting. I really have not consistently kept her blanketed in the past for any length of time. Since it was a  pretty nice blanket and those seams were not going to withstand much rolling action in it, out came the checkbook.  I got her 75 instead of a 72 , because 74 was sold out .One added inch wasn't going to make too big of a difference.

I brought it out to the stable last night. After a nice hour long riding session , I pulled it out of the bag , and guess what? It fit nearly perfect, alittle long but not so much it's going to cause her issues. I didn't even have to adjust any of the straps. It was like a custom made dress for my little Mud Diva.  It was much nicer quality than I expected and the color is quite pretty up close,almost a purplish blue.

(The pictures are not great as they were taken with my Galaxy III ,which is an awesome phone but the camera isn't worth a warm bucket of spit.)

Does this dress make my butt look big?
 Ofcourse , she can't have a new dress and not break it in properly:

Ahh, much better...
you can't really see in t h is photo but arena dirt is now all over the pretty new blanket.

I think she approves.

She has already started shedding and hopefully this will help speed things along. Last spring, it was late June before she completely shed out. Might have to get the clippers out and clean up the goat beard this weekend.



CG said...

She looks good in her new blanket! I have, ahem, a slight blanket "problem". I love getting new blankets for the horses.

Jonna said...

I think I was definitely more excited about the blanket than her!! She is such an easy keeper that by spring she is always a little plump.Chicks saddlery had some great deals!