Monday, July 28, 2014

Clinic Weekend and Horseback Archery

This weekend, Tom had another one of his Western Dressage Clinics he has been putting on for the summer. It's been going well. There is so much to learn for everyone. Tom has really enjoyed being able to combine two  things he loves, Horses and Teaching. This particular clinic was less of a clinic atmosphere but more of a half  day of private lessons. Afterwards,  then he was planning to go to our friends ranch for the remainder of the weekend to work on getting both the horses and the new mechanized target ready for the upcoming August competition. Earlier this spring, they had to install a target that is mechanized to follow the horse/rider as they run down the track. There was some work Tom needed to do on it yet. He also wanted to get all the horses slated for the competition onto  the actual competition track prior to day of the competition.

Although he has been training at our home track,  it's not  near as nice as the real thing. JB will be competing for the first time in August,  Rebel has competed before but it's been a few years.  Tom wanted to take them for a "Dry run"  to make sure they were all good to go for other riders to compete on.

In spite of the fact  that I had just barely gotten unpacked from San Francisco,  I would repack and tag along. The thought of staying home just didn't appeal to me. Tom was planning to bring all three geldings with him anyways and it was easy enough to throw the dogs in the truck. The cat was on his own again for a couple of days and I was able to get my parents to water the garden and check on the cat.

The clinic on Saturday went very well. I was on camera duty and did the best I could with snapping photos even though I was being attacked by yellow jackets. They were really bad and very aggressive and apparently liked my shampoo or something. Somehow I didn't get stung but withstood 4 hours of being divebombed.

Demonstrating something..(Brego pictured)
After the clinic was over, we went to our friends ranch for the remainder of the weekend. I helped ride one of the six horses that will be used for the competition. It's pretty fun to let a horse gallop down a 90 meter track and drop the reins. I didn't actually shoot a bow but just did a little tuning on old Roman to make sure all systems were a go. He was perfect.. but he always is. :)

More exciting is that it looks like Tom will be able to compete (finally) off of his gelding Brego. He has been working very hard to get him ready this year.  Brego,who you have read about before on this blog (here is one post)  has been a challenge. But, it looks like he is finally there. That frees up Tom's other gelding Cassidy for another rider.

It was a good weekend and I even rode.. which wasn't awful..

We head back home this afternoon , with horses and dogs in tow.

Thanks for reading.

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