Friday, August 22, 2014

FINAL 2014 Horseback Archery Competition and Video

Last weekend we finished the last Horseback Archery for the year that Tom will be attending or involved in. Everything went great. Lots of new records and goals set for many of the members. Participants come from all over, most are Hungarians who reside in Canada. It's always kind of neat for me to be around a room full of Hungarians speaking their native language. My grandmothers family was from Hungary and I have many fond memories of listening to them all speak it during holidays.  As a child I knew a few phrases so I constantly am asking them what did he/she just say???  It's a difficult language to learn and understand.

Several of the members tested into a higher level , gaining a new color bathrobe (Kaftan) or different colored  belt to go with their bathrobe depending on what exam they took. There are lots f different exams/tests and they are all called something in Hungarian, which is  mind boggling  so I can't really clearly explain that part of this sport without a list in front of me . Tom shot off Brego the first day. He is a fast horse so Tom was shooting three arrows, 9 runs, over 137 points. That is a master level competition run because of the quickness of the horse  combined with the score of over 120. Basically the horse has 20 seconds to canter 90 meters. Brego was generally running the track in 9-12 seconds. That boy can run and loves to do it!  Any seconds left on the clock below 20 seconds is added to the arrow score. So if he runs it in 10 seconds,  and the rider shot 10 arrow points, his combined point for the run is 20 point. He gets nine runs total.  Do you know how hard it is to get arrows knocked and shot off of a horse running that fast??? More than anything it creates a huge mental challenge for the rider.. Tom makes it look easier than it is. The nice thing is that while Brego runs fast,  when he gets to the end he stops , and walk quietly to the beginning again. No big deal. That is ideal. Sometimes, fast horses in this sport who have not been brought along correctly or are not a good fit,  are running scared. That is not good. The school discourages people from getting into the idea of just running their horse as fast as they can down the track,  In Brego's case,  I prefer to refer to him as " Phar Lap" because in spite of his shorter stature of just under 15 hands, he has a huge ground eating stride , something the famous TB gelding was known for.

The second day of the competition, Tom rode Cassidy who is not as fast but that means the rider can get more arrows off. Tom shot a 136 something and Cassidy was scoring 3-5 points a run for him on average. Basically Tom outshot his horse. Changing between a fast horse and slow horse is definitely an acquired skill, with or without the added complication of managing a bow!

Here's  quick video clip on You Tube or Search for  2014 HBA Hamilton Montana.

Sorry I can't I can't link up to it directly because when I am logged into my blooger account, I can't access my saved videos on You Tube because my  Youtube account is tied to my gmail account  and my blogger is tied to a different email.. anyways...well, it's messed up.. nevertheless...  I can't seem to get the two linked.

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