Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumnal Equinox is Coming: Readying for Winter begins

I was sitting in the living room this morning , after morning chores, drinking my coffee and making my weekend To-do list prior to my  real work day starting (and  thanking the heavens above that my morning commute involved shuffling over across the living room and into my office.)

It dawned on me that next Tuesday is the first day of fall which means Monday is the last day of summer..It's always sad to see everything turning but I love the fall season.. The colors , crisp air and no bugs!  
It is the summer's great last heat, 
It is the falls first chill: They meet
- Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

But, it also means there are a few things to get done around here.  It's going to be a busy weekend.

The boys "digesting " breakfast

 Since the hubby is on his elk hunt  it looks like I have lots of projects to catch up on or maybe , more appropriately, finish what was started.

heavily laden branches of apples to pick

Onions to put away since they have been drying for a week
 And then there are the tomatoes: I think I am done with trying to grow tomatoes on this place.

We seem to have  the same thing happen every year . Wait and wait and wait until the weather is warm enough in the spring to plant and that is usually late June.  Then wait  forever for fruit to start forming. This happens in August  usually. Then just as things are really cooking and plants are getting ready to really start ripening, our first frost  hits in September.  Yep, happened again about a week ago.  

I had only gotten three measely ripened tomatoes before the devastation.. Three.. !! The tomatoes got smoked last week when we had lows dip into the 20's.. In spite of my best efforts with covering them , they died a quick death, now sitting there looking brown and shriveled. The fruit itself seemed to be ok, so I  left them on the pathetic looking twigs,  thinking they would be better off ripening on what was left of the vine since our weather got back into the 70's during the days. It wasn't working.

Yesterday I finally had to pull them all off and put them into brown paper bags with newspaper and hope they ripen and not rot. It usually about 50% loss. Next year, no tomatoes. I will be better off going and buying a flat from the farmers market from people who have the luxury of a green house. Tomorrow, I will take great joy in ripping out those brown pathetic plants that remain in the dirt .
Sad tomatoes.( I hate you )
  I have fencing to repair and rails to finish staining. I started the staining project months ago and I am almost done. Maybe another 3 hours should have it completed.
Pretty rails , already stained.. 
Ugly rails that need stained...

and ofcourse, there is always ball throwing to keep up with.. because in Duncan's eyes, I live to throw the ball

and time to admire the Oaks as they change color and the leaves are gone till next year. 
There's always more to do ofcourse, like cleaning out the hay barn to make room for two more loads of hay scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks. The lawn needs mowed again , the garbage needs run to the dump, and the compost pile needs to be moved out to the pasture in the big pile. Oh, and there are horses to ride! At some point this weekend, I hope to sneak away to try to see one of my favorite fall Rocky Mountain scenes.. the changing of the Aspens..

I think all that should more than keep me busy enough while I wait for Otto to arrive on Saturday. Don't you think?

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