Monday, September 15, 2014

To Clear My Head

For the last several weeks, I have been working on something that was going to be a somewhat of a life/career shift.  It was a great opportunity to do something career wise that I have been wanting to do for a long time. An opportunity to own an equine related business that actually made a profit and had potential to make more with the right marketing and additional product lines to offer.  I was so close to having it all come together. This was the week that was going to happen for me.  Weeks of work, research, paperwork, meeting with financial advisors, meeting with business mentors, meeting with attorneys and friends and family for advice and direction. I was being responsible and doing my due diligence and research , resisting the urge to be impulsive (which I tend to be at times when I get excited about things)

I was damn close..

But this weekend,   I received news  that it wasn't going to happen.  Getting the news felt  something like getting a kicked in the chest, (or atleast this is what I think getting kicked in the chest would feel something like),  knocking the wind right out of me. I might have been naive but I really did not expect to have lost this opportunity. I thought it was meant to be . Everything was coming together. But it got swiped right out from under me. I guess I took too long in my research,  so as to mitigate any potential risks.  Friends and family who were supporting me can only only offer this..." I guess it wasn't meant to be"  but right now, that doesn't offer any comfort. I am kicking myself. I knew I should not have taken so long. These opportunities only come along once in a blue moon and it feels like I let it slip right through my hands. Damn it all to hell.

There isn't much I can do now. I have essentially beat myself up over for two days now.. so I think I am just about  ready to move forward, put it behind me.  I tried, I failed.. lesson learned. Maybe something else will come along, maybe not.. It doesn't matter right now. I  had to put my energy into something positive.

I took JB for a ride . He was wonderful and it definitely cleared my head of all the negativity I was feeling. He was happy to be out and I was happy to be with him. He has become one of those horses that I always know I can just get on and go and there won't be any nonsense.  We never get anywhere very fast but he happily plods along and that is just fine.

Did you see that Coyote?? Lets go get him
 We plodded along and saw a fairly large Coyote in the distance...we decided to see if we could catch up and get a closer look. (highly unlikely but still fun to try)

He's out there.. just a small speck.. 

He ran way out there by the closest standing tree. so we followed..

Eventually we made it across. There is a  dried up creek bed just beyond that tree where we last spotted him heading..

Creek bed is to our right.. We are too slow, he is long gone.. 
But we continued on along the creek  and the perimeter of the field ... It's about a 150 acre Wheat field

 Stop , Listen, I hear my boys at home calling for me..we should probably head back...

Not yet... 
We made our way  around the scary remains of what used to be an old irrigation pond ,   that is surrounded by cotton woods  and went past the abandoned house and headed back home.  All in all we were gone for about an hour and that was enough for JB. When I got him home , unsaddled and brushed him down, and turned him back out to his pasture, he promptly went over and laid down to rest.. 

Coyote chasing is hard work...

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irish horse said...

I'm sorry you missed out on an opportunity, but without the research, you may have ended up with something worse. You can mourn the loss, and then look for the next thing. Until then, the outside of a horse is sure good for the soul. Nice coyote-chasing ride. And you can look forward to your new arrival!