Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Every Horse Owners Dream??? NOT

I'm a classified ad, craigslist junky. I don't know why. I have always been that way.  Maybe something I got from Dad , who was always looking for a deal. I watch craigslist and a variety of other classified ads , including a variety of FB groups that have stuff for sale.  Someday, they will probably have a support group for people like me.

Crazy or not, I have sold and bought some great things. Part of the attraction is finding a steal I guess.

I think I also do it for it sheer entertainment value. People post some crazy stuff out there..

Every now and then I see things that I just can't believe my own eyes at what I am reading. And then I have to re- read.. and maybe re- read again.. and then stop myself from responding because I can't believe what I am reading!!!

Lots of people lease horses out. It can be a win win , in the right situation. As a horse owner, if I were looking for a home to lease  my horse to, I am pretty sure I would steer clear of this person who posted this ad.... unless ofcourse you want your horse to come back a total nut case..

Ok , humor me... (I can't help myself ...)

Dear Poster: Experienced Horse Owner?? really???

Let me try to understand then..

You mention the "likes to run" part a couple of times.  Clearly, you like to gallop a horse and this is your main interest.  Heck, who doesn't, but c'mon.. do you think that spending most of your time galloping your horse is going to be the best choice for the horses state of mind?? You did say your experienced so you MUST know that galloping a horse alot kinda makes most horses a bit , shall we say, crazy???? The Pony Express stopped running in Montana a very long time ago.. Maybe you would be better off to  try out as a jockey at a racetrack?? They run alot there.

And age doesn't matter??  Again, REALLY??? So you mean that if someone sends you their 25 year old arthritic old gelding to you to  "give it some exercise", or worse yet, their 2 year old to 'get wet saddle blankets and miles", your good with that??  Nothing good is going to come from that.

You have conditions as well I see. You don't want a horse that is a bolter or bucker.. I don't blame you.. it sucks to have to ride horses that have those terrible habits...

Surely the owner of the unsuspecting horse will get back alot more than they bargained for with this deal... I can just see the owner now , scratching his head and saying...

" I can't understand it..... Brownie wasn't a bolter or bucker when we sent him to you????"

What about you, the rider? What if during one of your Pony express tryout moments  you fall off and break your neck..???  The owner of the horse is going to feel terrible and worse, the horse will likely be the bad guy and maybe wind up at the auction.. because he was  too "dangerous"... a real bronc... untrainable.. crazy... blah, blah, blah...Or what if the horse steps in a gopher hole, and breaks his leg.. and ultimately loses his life because of your negligence?? Not really fair if you ask me..

(Why am I seeing a Fergus the Horse cartoon emerge out of this????)

Is it just me or can you think of a thousand reasons why this scenario could end badly for horse and rider..  I am pretty sure this person is the absolute antithesis of the kind of appropriate leasee I would be looking for..and probably MOST horse owners.. but there are people who won't or don't know better..

I surely hope no one sends  their poor unsuspecting horse to this person. I really do..

Now,  I am going to go ride my horse, quietly and safely...

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