Monday, February 9, 2015

Patches of Grass

I am not sure I should complain. It's been "unseasonably" warm (40's) by all reports.  it's still cold.. if you ask me) As usual, the weather and media people are going into panic mode because of snow pack levels not being where they should be this time of year, in spite of the fact that we often get the most of our winter snow pack in the mountains in Feb - April. But they have to have something to talk about I suppose.

The rain , tiny bits of sunshine and warmer weather has started to make progress in melting things around here. The early spring mess has started once again. Conflicting times for horse people!  We can sense spring is coming but there is still such a mess out there and we know in the back of our mind.. that we still have the potential for snow storms.

Here are some ugly photos of what kind of mess we have at our place.

Back yard.. some grass beginning to poke through the ice and snow- Otto and Cass in the very distant

"Lake Lenard" in our pasture beginning to form its annual appearance.. 

Ice path out to barn and corrals now covered in a layer of  ankle deep water. The Palet is to keep from stepping in ankle deep mud when exiting the garage.. very high class. I know.. 
In spite of things being rather messy and hard to manuever with out rubber boots and ice cleats strapped on, I have managed to haul Brego over to a  nearby arena a few times .

I have been pleasantly surprised at how well he is doing. What a difference from last spring when I started working him in the indoor arena. He is handling things so much better.  We have started working over ground rails. He  is pretty sure the black paint on the center mark of the  rail tis a hole that he mustn't step over. Instead he has to come to a complete stop and smell it thoroughly .. and only then will he step over it. He is really good at putting on the breaks.. unexpectedly.. but we have mostly worked through that and he is happily trotting through four poles with good extension and cadence.

Most notable of his improvements is that he is doing much better with keeping his trot at a steady pace. He used to be very inconsistent.. he would trot quickly, then slow up , then speed ahead , the slow.. that seems to mostly be gone..

So while things are a mess outside, we will bide our time getting to an arena when we can..and pray for  sun and continuing warming trends.

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