Friday, February 13, 2009

Rebel Update and other News

Just a quick update. Yesterday afternoon things were still kind of on the wire with Rebel. He wasn't improving as I had hoped but he wasn't getting worse either. He was still eating relatively well but lethargic and not really perking up. He passed two small manure piles yesterday , both of which were dry. I decided, against my vets advice (which I didn't understand her reasoning behind anyways) to go ahead and whip up a batch of sloppy beet pulp because he clearly wasn't drinking enough.

By 7:00 last night, more manure and another round of beet pulp, this time with electrolytes. By 10:00 last night he has two really good sized piles of manure , not near as dry and I saw him take a big sip of water.


This morning, more beet pulp with electrolytes to encourage a thirst response.

I think by this evening he can go back to the other pasture and I won't have to monitor so closely.

The other news is related to the Easy Care Gloves. I did an earlier post on this that you can find here. I had ordered the Easy Care Fit Kit and was patiently (maybe not so!) for the shipment to arrive that apparently was delayed on the slow boat from China. Well I received a call on Wednesday that the fit kits ship out today. WOOHOO!!

Now, hopefully they will work with JB's feet and with any liuck the size JB needs won't be on back order for 6 more weeks!


Tamara Baysinger said...

*WHEW* I hate-hate-hate colic! with a passion! Hopefully you can catch up on sleep now. :-)

Jonna said...

Amen to that! I probably need todo a follow up on that post but haven't had the desire. Rebel relapsed again last sunday. I think this time we are out of the woods, it's been 4 days and he is much improved. We couldn't get him to drink . I finally took a chance and salted his beet pulp. Seemed to do the trick.