Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Levade

Yesterday and today I spent some time working with JB from the ground. We reviewed many of the basics with some flag work, tarps, the bridge , hind end releases, shoulder-in, shoulder-out, etc. JB was rusty at first but came around right away. JB displayed some rather animated stunts today on the line. Tom snapped some photos of our session from his horse Cassidy ( got his ear in the photo). Looks like JB has almost perfected his Levade....What do you think???Almost ready for the Spanish Riding School?

After this initial display of "Molto Vivace", JB did settle down and get to work in a nice working trot, reaching and bending. The round pen is still full of snow so I found one small patch of dry dirt in our pasture for our work area.

This is more like the soft responsive boy I know!

I was quite pleased to see the drape in the rein when I saw this photo.

Well, regardless of the training bumps of late, he sure can be a fun horse and a handsome one at that!


Stephanie - Siouxzeegirl Designs said...

He really is a very handsome guy! and what a great snapshot!!

Jonna Kelner said...

Aww, thanks Stephanie!! I am pretty partial to him.

Susan Catt said...

That horse takes my breath away!

grrr grumble grumble... I sure hope Bob stays healthy so that I can buy a nice roan stud from him once I get settled in CO and Paisano paid off.

Jonna said...

Thanks Susan. He has his moments where he just makes me laugh. This display was his show of playfulness and feeling really good.Now if I could only teach him to do it on command? I have been working on getting him to bow but it's a slow process.

I hope you get your colt soon too. I think the clock is ticking as far as how much longer things will go on there.