Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Friskies

We have been enjoying unseasonably warm fall weather over the last several weeks,  60's and 70's with plenty of sun. The geldings were all feeling a bit warm in the their winter coats that are getting pretty thick. Even Otto, who is getting a winter coat was sweating, but he's still playing catch up on getting a Montana worthy winter coat.  I am still not sure if his coat will get thick enough soon enough. Fingers crossed. The weather has turned more Fall like for our area in the recent days. Wet, windy and cold..low 50's for highs and 30's and 40's at night. We had a couple of hard freezes earlier in the week with lots of frost.

Yesterday the sun peeked out for a couple of hours and it was pleasant enough that I went out and spent some time with Otto in the pasture. I brought out a noisy plastic bag to introduce to him, but he grew bored with it and discovered the ball in the pasture.

He was pretty comical about it. Watching him start tentatively with rolling it around on the ground with his nose, then mouthing it, then grabbing it and pretty soon, shaking it and hitting himself in the forehead, and trying to get me to join in with the fun.

Look what I have!

Taste like Peppermint.. 

Here.. grab a hold!

I love my new toy!

Brego getting after it...

JB not happy with having to participate today

Even Rebel got into the action

Rebel coming in last.

Today we are back to cold, wet and windy.. Everyone is hunkered down , butts up against the weather. Alteast its not snowing.. yet...


irish horse said...

oh, so cute! I'm glad someone will play with those balls, Major thought it was interesting for about 10 minutes then got bored. But I bet he and Otto would have a blast together!

Cold, wet windy already? Yuck. I hope the snow waits...

Jonna said...

yes, Otto needs a playmate terribly.. but most of the other boys are beyond that, exept for the occasional few minutes of playing. I feel bad for him.. so I am glad he atleast has learned to play with the ball..

I consider our weather having been nice up until now is a blessing.. actually!.. so I guess I can't whine too much.. However, yes, I hope the snow holds off for a while yet.. atleast in the valley!