Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kill Pens-Why???

***Update- Both TB geldings are on Hold, which means they are paid for and holding for pick up by the new owner..

In the past I have dabbled from time to time in rescue and rehoming horses on a very , very small scale. Mostly locally. I have a limited budget and limited resources just like the next person  but I do what I can , when I can.  I used to follow a few auction sites as well  but I had to stop because it's just too hard.. I just cry, lose sleep and pretty much spend my days feeling sick over it because the reality is, there is very little I can do to help and I am torn.. because I want to be able to do more.

Somehow I have let myself fall back  into reviewing the auction  sites again like I have done it in the past and always have to force myself to stop looking because..... well.... refer back to the first paragraph...

 There are SOOOO MANY horses... good horses.... that  end up there.

The Hermiston Oregon Auction was just this past weekend. Hundreds of  horses were run through. A large percentage of those were being bid on as a price per pound because the owners that dropped them off didn't put a reserve on them .. so ultimately the kill buyers end up with them.

There is an acquaintance of mine that was in attendance. Last year she , as a private owner, started going to the Washington and Oregon auctions to do what she can to rescue horses. She has an amazing network of people behind her who help support the cause  through donations for the bidding fuel money and money towards feed. She also invests alot of her own money and her own time but she has been able to save around 10 horses this year since May, and rehome them all.  Its a drop in the bucket , but its something. She mentioned she could not help but notice the lack of presence from horse rescue organizations at the auction. I have to wonder why?? Are they all just as tapped out because there are so many unwanted horses? Why are there so many unwanted horses?

This past weekend, through networking, there were over 40 horses saved from her efforts. Its truly amazing what she has been able to do, but it's never enough. There are always more. Young, old, lame, even pregnant and nursing.

 I was involved on the sidelines for a Morgan mare that was almost lost but was able to be saved last minute only  because alot of peole made alot of small donations, giving what ever small amount people could give.. it worked. The lady I mentioned above is picking the mare up.. I think she has already found a home for her.. If not, I was considering fostering her,  even though it's the LAST thing I need to be doing and risks a divorce (not really).

Then,  there are two Thoroughbred Geldings. Nice geldings.. Both were seven years old. Both were sound. One was previously shown in hunter /jumper. One has been saved as of today.  The other has not been. He could ship anytime for Canada to his final fate.  The best I can offer is to help network so that is what I do. And Hope.. and Pray.. I will be watching to see what happens to this other gelding and I am hoping some of the people I have talked to about him might be able to help.

The ongoing issue of horse slaughter is a hot topic with alot of emotion and no easy solution.  I see both sides of it. Here locally , when the recession hit so hard several years ago, people were turning horses loose or abandoning them to fend for themselves. It seems like there has to be a better solution. Maybe focusing on  Preventive measures of some kind. I am not a fan of increasing government regulations by any stretch but I have often wondered  if maybe some how people , who own stallions should be paying an annual fee for their stallions. Maybe it would eventually reduce the number of Irresponsible breeders out there?  Do people pay a fee to the auction when they drop a horse off? I don't believe they do. Maybe there should be a fee or maybe a bigger fee if there is already one. The best deterrant is one that hits the wallet in most cases. The racetracks are also contributing to the problem. They are pumping out foals as fast as they can. Horses are are just a commodity. If they run, great, if not, they are tossed away, loaded up on the trailer and sent to auction. Some of the tracks have kill buyers that show up once a month to haul horses away.

I certainly don't have the answers. I just know so many horses end up with a terrible fate and would like to be able to see that change.

If your interested or can help, here is some info
Got to this site:

The Yakima County KP folder is where the Hermiston horses are . This is where they wait for shipment,and while they wait, they can be bought.

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cheyenne jones said...

Its the same in the UK, too many horses abandoned to their fate. Dealers uncscrupulous or not, always breeding, trouble is there is no one buying! The rescue centers are full. There sisnt any money in the UK for horse slaughter, so the horses are travelled to the continent live, under some awful conditions. Activists try to stop them, but in reality, they add to the horse welfare situation, unwittingly. I would love to take in more, I used to have a rotation of around 7 horses at a time, but the cost was too much. I sadly had to make a decision, my own horses? Or?
I was gutted, but it wasnt enough. Horse prices here are rock bottom, and people are struggling, so the horse is the first to go.
I do understand.

Jonna said...

I guess it's the same everywhere.. the horses hear often ship long distances as well under terrible conditions. Many don't make the trip. Its heart wrenching.
thanks for stopping by !