Friday, October 3, 2014

I rudely interrupted the boys having sunshine naps...

Snapped a few photos of the boys soaking in some sunshine. I interrupted their mid day nap but they forgave me when I brought out some mid day snacks...

"JB.. pretend your dead.. maybe she will go away"

" Wait.. Did someone say snacks?" 

"This better be worth the effort of me getting back to an upright position"

"We're still playing dead, right?"

"oh the agony" (JB taking the game of being dead one level too far)

"Wait, I have an itch"
" Snacks... snacks.. wait for me!!!"

" Hang on.. I am coming but my left leg went numb during my nap"

" I am up.. " I am up.. don't eat all the SNACKS with out me!"

"Omg.. I think something crawled in my ear"

" I can't get it out!!"
"well, ??" where are those snacks?"

JB found his snacks and was happy and promptly went back to his nap once he was done eating..

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