For as long as I have been riding and training horse, Endurance started for me in 2008 , and even though that is a good solid 8  years now ( is that long???), I can't say I feel like  I have really accomplished much in regards to attending and completing rides. I still consider myself green in the sport of endurance but I still enjoy the sport.  My biggest obstacle is my geographic location. There are a very limited number of rides within a decent trailer rides distance. Most rides are 10 or more hours away and that's just one way. For me, that kind of takes the fun out of it .  We also have the added issue of trail conditions here in NW Montana. Trails still have snow and ice into May. That makes starting  conditioning difficult, atleast until June before I can start to get any fitness on my horses.Ideally I would live somewhere else that would allow me a less "seasonal" riding season but that is easier said than done.

For what it's worth, here is my measly list of what I have accomplished:

2008- 1st year of conditioning- 145 miles
July 2008- Two failed attempts at CTR's, both RO's due to lameness issues
2009- 235 condition miles
9/2009- 1st CTR- 35 Miles-completion
4/28/2010- Injured- retired from competitive distance riding

Z Halcyon April (Maggie)

2010- Condition Miles 380
July 2010-Thompson River Ride -1st LD - Finished dead last but with A's and B's
2011- 500 condition miles- Dressage and equitation focus
7/14/2012- Dagnall Ranch CTR- 30 miles First Place Open Division
7/21/2012- Camas Creek Canter LD- 35 miles 7th Place , stood for BC but gut sounds got quiet on second check

So, that is my short list of accomplishments with endurance. Since this blog is mostly about endurance and trail, I won't get  into other accomplishments but the list is long. Maybe that should be saved for another post somewhere.

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