Monday, August 23, 2010

FOR SALE: Fleeceworks 25 Mile Pad

I have , with some regret, decided to sell my Fleeceworks 25 Mile Endurance pad. It's by far one of the best pads I have seen, used on market for endurance. I have found that when it comes to protecting the horses back combined with breathability, this is a superior pad. This particular model is what is called the 25 miler and is recommended for lower distances, but it can certainly withstand a longer ride. The foam inserts are removeable . The underside is Merino Sheepswool and the pad is overall very well made.

Unfortunately, the cut of it doesn't fit my saddle very well so I find myself having to adjust it frequently. Otherwise, I have no complaints.

Trumbull Mountain is selling for $140. I am offering mine up for sale for $100 or best offer (+ shipping). I have only used it maybe a dozen times. It has plenty of wear left in it, and there are no tears, rips or any other damage to it.

See info about it here:

If interested or have questions, feel free to email me @

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Horse Dreams

Once in a while, if you listen closely, you'll here a "whrrr, whrrr, whrrr" sounds coming from the paddocks these days. I've never been able to sneak up without being caught in the past, but the other afternoon, JB must have been exeptionally tired because I was able to snap a few shots of him during his afternoon siesta. I couldn't resist, just take a look at the photo's below. He was even smiling in his sleep.(atleast it looks like it!)

Ever wonder what a horses dreams are made of? I think I know what JB was dreaming of in this one, his legs were twitching and moving, and I suspect he was dreaming of the day when he can run with his herd once again.

Patience grasshopper, soon you will be set free to run again. In the meantime, rest up kiddo...

He finally got up about 10 minutes later and I snapped this shot..he still looks sleepy!
You can see his front right pastern in which he had surgery. He is bearing full weight on it now but will occasionally hold the knee a bit buckled. This is lessening over time.

Elk Lake- Great Bear Wilderness

We headed out for a ride with some friends into some steep country, near Glacier National Park. All in all it was only 12 miles but technical, steep and by the end of the day , it felt more like we had done 40 miles. I rode Maggie and she did well overall.

Tricky water crossing, as you come down the trail, there are logs and rocks to step over in order to drop into the creek. Maggie is proving to be a thoughful trail horse in tricky footing and carefully picked her way across.

This photos gives you an idea of some of the less steep areas...

Elk Lake