Friday, February 20, 2009

Easy Boot Gloves- Round Two..

Round 2- Easy Boot Glove

Based on the measurements I took of JB’s feet prior to ordering the Fit Kit from Easy Care, he calculated out to approx 117 mm. (4 5/8 for the fronts and 4 ½ on the hinds). A size 1.5 Fit kit should have been the ticket. Included in that kit are size 1, size 1.5 and size 2 boot to give the best possible fit.

Thursday night was fit kit night at Acer Farm. Since I wanted the best possible fit , and JB was due for his two week touch up with the rasp anyways, Tom gave him a pedicure before slipping on the ruby slippers . I knew the 2 was definitely out just looking at it. The 1.5 also proved to be too big so last chance was the 1.0. Much to my disappointment, it was also too big for the Peanut. The good news was that the shape of JB’s feet seemed to work well with the glove. We just had to get a smaller size boot.

I wondered how could these be so off in the size when we carefully measured? I know JB has small feet but I never imagined they were this small!! We remeasured and it was exactly the same numbers as previous.

Just for fun and to have a comparison, I pulled Rebel out of the pasture, who was also freshly trimmed up and tried the boots on him. He has what I would consider a more “normal” sized hoof. I tried on the 1.5 on his feet and found these were also too big on him as well. I was surprised by that. The size 1 did appear to be a better fit, but still not as snug of a fit as the sizing instructions suggests it should be. I could see that they would not stay on well. The V on the front of the boot was not expanding much and the picture with the instructions pamphlet showed a much more distinct separation of the “V” than what the boot was doing on Rebel’s hoof. Rebel also has a bit of a wing on the outside of his front hoof that we are slowly working on improving so this seemed to be causing a bit of a poor fit. I will keep that fit kit for two more weeks and after another trim, see if the size 1 boot works any better. If not, I could see him potentially dropping down to a size 0.

Ok, so maybe my measurements weren’t off. Maybe the sizing charts for these boots are a bit on the generous side? So, today I ordered the size “0” kit which will include 0.5, 0, 00.5 size boots . These sizes should reveal better fitting results. I also talked to Marci at Easy Care about my fitting woes. She double checked my measurement conversion to millimeters and came up with the same numbers. She was also puzzled as to why I did not get a better fit. Guess JB really is my misfit!!

Well, I am not sure how other folks are doing out there with the fit kits but I am entering round two and keeping my fingers crossed that one of the boots in the smaller kit will do the trick for JB!

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