Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Go Climb That Mountain

This weekend, I hope to scramble up Columbia Mountain with JB. Pictured above is one section of trail. This is a brutal trail with 4,000 feet in elevation gain and total of 12 miles, round trip. ( hmmm, on second thought, crawling might be a better choice of words) There is also an elevation loss of several hundred feet in the first two miles. A total elevation gain /loss ratio of close to 9,000 feet round trip. I hope were up for it. Behold the prize that awaits us though! A view from the top!
Looking out to the Swan Mountain Range (which is where the Crane Mountain Ride was)

Maggie is also on the weekend agenda for saddle time, but I think we'll stick to some easier work for now. Here are some photos of some of the trails I ride on frequently , trails that are more condusive to a beginner... but still offer a great view.


Mel said...

I love reading your blog right now because you are in my favorite part of riding - developing the "new horse". I mean new in the sense that you are putting the building blocks of conditioning down, building on basic training etc. I think it's so exciting to hear about the leaps and bounds of progress that your horses make. I wonder sometimes if I am so in love of those beginning stages, if that is why I get stagnent once I have a horse that is conditioned etc. Mmm...maybe a topic for a future post?

Jonna said...

Hi Mel, glad you are enjoying. Having two horses going that are polar opposites as far as training levels go has been a unique challenge, but I am enjoying it. JB is still learning that he can be tougher than he thinks he is and needs encouragement at times. Maggie.. well, I have to remind her that we work my program, not hers.. I think I understand the stagnancy thing that you might be experiencing. I try to mix it up when that happens. Maybe do something totally out of the norm, like go to a cattle sorting class or something.. take a jumping lesson.
I like your idea, a topic on Developing a new horse... that could be a long series though!!! Cheers!

All Who Wander said...

A long..........series indeed *LOL* ~E.G.

Anonymous said...

climb evry mountain indeed... i'm a "newbie " endurance rider here in SW Montana... maybe we should get together sometime??

happy trails

Jonna said...

gp~I agree.. and intend to!! as many as I can ride to ..Are you near Dillon , MT? Maybe I'll see you at a ride next summer! Would like to meet another endurance person in MT!