Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Revision of miles lay out..

The numbers did not line out like I had hoped so here is a revision that should be easier to read

Feb- arena 8, actual miles 0
March arena 4, actual 19.5
April- arena 38.5 actual 7
May- arena 5, actual 0
June- arena 16, actual12
July- arena 16, actual 12
August- arena 10, actual 42
September- arena 4, actual 102
October- arena 12.5, actual 40
November- arena 12.5, actual 0


Tammy Vasa said...

Ah, another goal setter! Congrats on your goal! I am going to have to look at your chart in the margin of your blog. Curious how you keep your time there & like it.

I have a spread sheet I update after every ride. My arena is an outdoor arena, so if I remember my GPS, I can capture the miles, but sometimes forget & have to guess. Mostly I record hours and I met my hours goal in November, and then the winter storms hit here. With a foot of snow and -0 temps, who knows when I'll ride again! LOL. And I also had on my list to complete in a CTR. I did two! YEAH! A 25 mile LD is on my list for next spring.

Jonna said...

Hi Tammy- Thanks...My chart on the margin isn't the most esy to read unfortunately.. (add that to the goals list for 2010).I also have a spreadsheet. Love them... Good luck with your goals. I don't know how often I will do a CTR. I prefer the endurance much more!! Thanks for stopping by!