Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringin in the New Year

.........not the way I had hoped but fun nonetheless.

You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. With the footing being less than safe for riding at the moment, I fiugred that I should heed that advice, embrace the cold snowy weather and have some fun. I have thoroughly been enjoying some much needed time off, sleeping in until after 8:00 and spending my days with family visiting from out of state. My days have been filled with snowmobiling, drinking brandy, snowshoeing, sipping brandy, skiing , a little more brandy..taking the dog for long snowy walks and all kinds of other outdoor winter activities. While I am not riding for now, it 's never far from my mind, so today I decided to go snowshoeing at one of my favorite training ground haunts just to see what the footing really is like out there... and at the same time, getting in a good workout myself. My sister and I went 2.5 miles up the trail, which doesn't sound like much but on snow shoes, it feels like you went 20 miles. The footing was as bad or worse than I feared. 6 inches of snow covering a thick layer of ice.... grrrr......

2009 is long since gone from my mind, but not the lessons learned from it. 2010 could have the makings for an interesting year, with two horses on the books now, one of which is very green and very strong willed, the other , with one successful completion under his girth, looking for longer ,faster times....I'll surely have my work cut out for me and I can't wait.

While the snow, rain, freeze pattern we seem to be stuck in continues, I will pass my time getting conditioning plans in place so that when the weather turns a bit less treacherous, JB, Maggie and I can hit the trail, on our way to fulfill all those endurance goals, hopes and dreams.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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yup.. i hear ya

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