Monday, April 5, 2010

Submitting to the Schedule

Ok- I give. I took at week off with plans to get some really concerted riding done, but the wheels of the universe had other plans, apparently. I think I rode once the entire week, when there was an abbreviated break of snow and rain. The wind however nearly blew JB and I across the field. Needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished, but atleast I got on and cruised around a bit, stretched our legs. It felt good nonetheless. So what did I do with my week off?? That's the infuriating part. Not a whole lot of anything I considered overly productive. Family consumed most of my time, and not exactly good ol' family quality time, but I won't get into that. When I wasn't playing taxi for someone, I did manage to get my dresser painted and re decorate the bedroom a bit, but otherwise, not much else

So the schedule isn't looking a whole lot better in the next several weeks. I have succumbed to not even try to get serious about my endurance conditioning until after the week of May 12. Besides, we got more snow in the mountains over the last several days. Can't get too far without having my horses sharp shod, which I refuse to do at this point.

Hope everyone else is getting some good ride time in!

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