Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Phase III Pastern Arthrodesis-and other updates

So much news.. so little time!

First and foremost, I took JB in yesterday for his post op xrays. This was the first time he has been out of the stall in 2 months. I wasn't sure how he would behave but he was perfectly calm and relaxed. I think he was just happy to get out and see something new. The xrays show that everything is healing nicely and the bone fusion looks very very good, with no extra calcium build-up around the joint (indicating irritation). Dr Erfle was very impressed with not only how the fusion looked but also how JB was moving on the leg. The best news is that JB can probably be moved out of the stall and into a 24 x24 area now and begin handwalking , but my vet wanted the surgeon to review the radiographs and give his nod of approval on that first. So I am waiting to here back on that.

I didn't realize how much I was living on pins and needles until seeing those radiographs. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

The second big newsflash, big for me atleast , was that Maggie and I completed the 35 miles at the Thompson River Ranch Ride successfully.

Ride story and pictures coming soon.


Terry said...

That's wonderful news! So happy for you and JB.

cheyenne jones said...

Cool news, well done!

All Who Wander said...

So happy to hear your boy is healing well.

Congrats on the ride completion. Sounds like you have yourself a really nice mare :)


Jonna said...

@ Terry-Thank you. It was much needed good news.
@Cheyenne- Thanks! JB is starting to get back to himself a bit.
@EG-Thanks E.G. I am glad I gave him this chance. He is one tough determined little horse. As for Maggie, her and I really bonded over the weekend. She has really grown on me and I see great things for her and I to come!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear JB is doing well!! Robert was asking about him the other night. And I am DYING to hear about your ride with Maggie!! I am also hoping we will see you at Pink Flamingo?!?! ~ Amanda

Jonna said...

Hi Amanda- et all-

I promise, I am going to post soon about the ride with Maggie. I was waiting for the pics the photographer did but it looks like that might be a long wait so, the home grown photo hubby did will have to suffice...

soon, I promise!