Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easy Care- Bringing on a new Product

I was perusing around the Easy Care website, when I stumbled upon a new product they are looking at possibly making available. No, its not a new model of hoof boot , or a hoof boot accessory. It is a portable Corral system. They are looking at partnering with the company called RoFlexs , which is based out of Germany, to bring this product to the US. For right now, Easy Care is looking for feedback on this from their customers, what would we be willing to pay, etc..

Check it out here to watch a video on the system.Being that it is made by the Germans, I am guessing the engineering is likely top notch.

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cheyenne jones said...

I have seen this ad. The company in Grermany, seel the deluxe version, or the Premium, as they call it, at around 2-300 pounds per post!

Too expensive! But a great idea.