Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are your dues Paid??

For those of you out there still procrastinating, (like I was) on getting your AERC membership renewed.. GET TO IT..I finally did.

AERC continues to struggle to hold onto membership during the ongoing difficult economy, it's a small fee for the services they provide us. They need us and we need them to continue doing our sport that we all love. So go renew.. DON"T WAIT!! Its easy too. Just go online and in 5 minutes, you can have it done!
(ok, that's the extent of my sales pitch)

Have a great day!


Barbara said...

Don't do endurance but I paid USEF and USEA and CHJA. Then a week ago I got smashed by my own horse and won't be doing anything for a few months. Wonder if I could get a refund? Just kidding. I like your new(?) profile photo. Great shot.

Funder said...

I got suckered in by the chance to win portable fencing if you renewed by December. I guess I didn't win, but I was gonna renew anyway... :)

Jonna Kelner said...

@Barbara- well, maybe look at it as a charity contribution for the year??lol! Hope your on the mend..
Thanks... it was a precious moment of horse snot and slobber... what's not to love about that!!

@Funder- sounds like you have as much luck as I in the winning dept.. portable corrals are on my wish list as well. but dang , they are pricey!

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

I signed in to my account & saw "you haven't paid your dues" - and I said 'oh, they messed up - I paid for 3 years!'
i went back and looked, and yeah, i paid for 3 years - 3 years ago!
so I'm all paid up now.
- The Equestrian Vagabond