Monday, January 7, 2013

A leg up..Winter Ride Video Clip

Two posts in less than a week. Must be some sort of record..

On Saturday I headed out with a friend for a some snowshoeing in Whitefish , a nearby town, ie tourist hot spot.. There is a new trail system that has been created that I just learned about and wanted to check it out. We spent about 2 hours hiking around in the about 8 inches of fluffy white stuff. It was a fabulous way to spend a wintry day.

When I got home the sun was shining and  I had a horrible urge to get on a horse, even if only for a few wonderful moments .  I did a cursory brushing off of the snow and ice on Maggie's back and was going to just tie up the halter lead to make into reins but I thought better of that. Bareback is one thing after not being ridden for nearly two months on a hot horse but no bridle? That's just being crazy !   (alteast that was my logic at the time) . I grabbed Maggie's bridle  and talked my husband into coming out and giving me a leg up.
In my rush to take advantage of the limited sunshine, I had not even changed out of my snowshoe clothes which is a pair of lined pants made from a rayon , polyester blend.

Yes,  the slippery kind. Add that to a long coated Morgan.

As I got my leg up all was going relatively well Tom was careful not to toss me too hard considering the slippery pants. I was laying there across Maggie's back but I was sliding in a downwards direction (again the pants)so I made haste and went to swing my leg over. At about the same time she took a step in the opposite direction I was going and I guess the physics of momentum all came together or maybe they fell apare because it felt like I got an extra shove and off I went into the snow on the other side..

Damn pants.

I landed in a face plant into the snow. It was one of my less graceful moments on record but atleeast I was unhurt (exept for pride). Maggie, bless her heart was stock still. I know she was laughing at me.. By now I was laughing at me and so was the hubby. I was in tears in fact..

Attempt number two at getting a leg up was successful and we manged to have a lovely little ride, in spite of the hump in Maggie's back. Hubby even managed to take some video footage and I have posted it to You Tube here

Don't laugh, she is quite fat and sassy and I was barely manageing to keep her from doing airs above ground! Had I added ANY leg pressure we would have hit the moon!Nevermind the layer of ice below the fresh snow. I must be crazy!


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The Equestrian Vagabond said...

oh, wish he would have gotten the face plant! (only because you didn't get hurt). yes, you are crazy!
- The Equestrian Vagabond