Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Shout out to the Montana Riders at Tevis 2014

Its Tevis time. Three of my riding acquaintances/friends are there. Every year I think about planning to go out there to volunteer just to experience it, and then before I know it , it's here and I am resigned to watch from the internet world.

Montana looks pretty well represented this year with 5 Riders .

218- Bill Brown
211- Kathleen Edman
180- Kaci Monroe
136- Janet Walker
?     Sherri Calaway (Kaci's mom) and my mentor when I was just getting started in Endurance. Oddly, She doesn't have a number assignment for some reason according the website.

Sherri and her daughter Kaci have done Tevis numerous times. I believe Sherry top tenned one year. I expect she will do well this year. She has some pretty amazing horses. Her daughter is riding her gelding Flag. 5 years ago, Sherrie was just starting him on the trail and we traveled on several training rides together. He was such a good quiet boy right from the start. I can't wait to see how they do this year.  Last year,  Kaci rode Flag and they were pulled at Deadwood for lameness so I hope this year they make it through.

During my very first CTR with JB,  I rode along with Janet Walker, aka Bobbi. She was not a confident rider as I remember . Seems she must have gotten over her hurdles.  She rode Tevis last year and did well , finishing in 21 hours.

Bill Brown is a vet here and often vetted at the regional rides here in NW Montana like the Helena rides, and the Potomac ride, which is no longer being held.. so now just the Helena ride! Literally , that is the only ride in this part of the state any more.. kinda sad..

So a look at metrics... last year at Tevis, only 75 riders finished. I wonder if that is within the "normal" or expected rate of completion? . In  2012, 98 riders completed. I wonder if  there IS general % that completes each year. I would be curious to see what that iS



Tevis Stories said...

Looks like Sherri is not actually entered in the ride. She's not on the rider list. About 50% finish each year.

Jonna said...

HI Crysta, I am not sure.. I saw that she wasn't on the list..she just sent me a text yesterday saying she was there. Maybe her other daughter is riding her other horse..