Saturday, September 13, 2014

Whistle While I wait...

Well first of all, what is wrong with this picture??

Ready for ???
Yes, it's empty.. and full of nice , cured off pasture grass. I have been coveting this spot for Otto's  new digs for weeks, keeping all the other horses from grazing it. This will be his corral for the first couple of weeks after he arrives here at Acer Farm.

The far side of the corral is the exterior pasture fence (near the Russian Olive trees) since I don't have enough of the metal panels to make a big enough area with the panels alone. I did score a new gate panel for about half of what they go for new but I couldn't justify  buying 5 more 12' panels at this point. Using the corner of the pasture actually seems to have worked out pretty good.  It's 84x72. I wanted it bigger so he could run a little bit but I guess he should be able to move around pretty well. I suppose I don't want him building up too much speed.!

Oh, I nearly forgot, when is he coming? Well , he should be getting picked up in Missouri about the 17th and then directly to MT. I believe that part might take a couple days so by next weekend, I expect this corral to be occupied!

Tweet Tweet... (that's my whistle part of the Post header:)

I was finally talked into's done. Twitter Account set up. I have a few I am following, sent out a few invitations, etc.. I am officially "Twitter"fied, twitterpated, twitterized.. whatever we all call it these days.

I get it, it's like a mini blogging social network thing ,it's pretty straighforward to use and all,  but the whole concept seems so.. well...weird..??

 I suppose I felt the same way about FB one time too and now it's just one of those things that is part of everyday , or almost everyday, life.  It's how we get information, keep up on the things we love to keep up on , and where we go for  inspiring words or images. Everyone loves photos and videos it seems. Stop by and say hi. It's Keln75 or just my name.. Jonna Kelner

Today, its sunny albeit, chilly so I am going to spend some time with the horses, riding around here a bit. Tom took the trailer out of town for his last Western Dressage Clinic so I can't haul anywhere,  but we have several harvested wheat fields that just ache to be ridden in...
Nothing says fall like a harvested Wheat Field

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