Friday, March 20, 2015

I kissed him

I came running in the house the other night happy.. no.... overjoyed. 

First, early in the day, my new Field boots arrived from UPS and as I opened the box, I dreaded what awaited. 20 minutes of struggling to get them on. However, I was proved wrong.  They were a  PERFECT fit. No struggling, grunting, sweating or cursing trying to get them over my weird shaped guppy calves. They will need some break in but my legs won't go numb atelast. 

Later in the day, it was time to catch up Otto, and lunge him a bit. 
The mud is back in full force around here but the ice is gone so I slogged out to go get him . 
Haltering the monster has required a skill of precision and speed to avoid him grabbing it in his little lips. He is pretty fast. Well, on this day, he just let me halter him, like a normal horse. He DIDN'T TRY TO BITE AT IT , ME OR ANYTHING ELSE! Not once.

I rubbed on his face and just enjoyed the moment. He seemed so relaxed and appreciating the attention as opposed to his usual gaminess. I would even go as far as to say he was sweet. 

I was happy, I just kissed him right on the nose.. 
Yep, planted a big one on him and he didn't even mind.. 

Lovee my new improved baby horse...

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