Thursday, November 19, 2009

Journey to Self Carriage

Ok- so I have probably established that much of my focus in training, when I am not conditioning for endurance, is teaching my horse to travel long and low first, in preparation for getting them into a correct collected frame with the eventual goal to have the horse travel with "self carriage". Sometimes I wish I could just crawl into the skin of Nuno Olivera and learn what he does to make it all happen so effortlessly but .. that's not exactly going to happen...

Self Carriage, collection, whatever you want to call it.. alot of us are after it..and unfortunately it's not uncommon to see trainers using all sorts of gadgetry such as draw reins, chambon to achieve it. I don't necessarily think these things are as awful or terrible training tools , its more the case that they are often used incorrectly. Nevertheless, I haven't found them to be overly useful for JB and I often wondered why. When I began to hunt for answers, I found some

I don't know this Laura character at Lazer Ray stables, but I certainly have to agree with her thoughts on the subject.

So, as many times as I have looked at my side reins and circingle and thought..."hmmm.... maybe... " , I think I will keep continue down the path of less is more....

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