Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dirty Laundry

A blog is a wonderful place to connect with others, meet new people, share interests, bounce ideas and blab about whatever your heart desires. I started my blog for all those reasons and because I love horses, I love to talk about horses and I love to talk to other people about horses. Pretty simple.

Since starting this blog in 2008, I have shared a lot of things, mostly horse related but there have been a few other topics as well. I have enjoyed having it as a “creative “ outlet of sorts but at times, I have struggled with finding a balance between not sharing those things that I feel should be left sacred and sharing those things that are okay to share that my readers would enjoy reading . I have also treaded lightly on subjects that can turn into a perceived insult. Lets face it, horse people can have pretty strong opinions and thoughts about how things should be done when it comes to horses. In a lot of cases, I have found those opinions, methods, and thoughts are all too often based on ego driven agendas with horse people. In 2011 I might risk going out on a limb a bit and dabble into a few more “touchy” horse subjects that I have avoided in the past.

In the meantime, I thought it might fun to air a bit of my dirty laundry with you all and followed in the steps of a post idea that several , like EG, Tamara , Funder (and probably numerous others) have already done.

Here's 31 “things about me” that you probably didn’t know , or would have never guessed, or maybe didn’t want to know but now do??? Anyways, hope you enjoy them and try not to laugh too hard???

1.I first fell in love with the Spanish Horses in 1995 when I had the rare opportunity to train one of the first few Spanish Norman fillies by Spanish-Norman sire Romantico HHF from Hamid Hill Farms. I also had the honor to show her in harness at her very first show. She was awesome and I was in love. I knew I definitely wanted another Spanish horse someday back then. I never knew the experience would come full circle with having the opportunity to own the type of horse, a Barb, proclaimed to be the ancestor of the Spanish Norman warhorses Linda and Allan were breeding back then. Life is funny.

2.I love splitting wood as an occasional stress relief.

3.I am quirky and get worse as I get older.

4.I am obsessive compulsive about things, like unplugging my curling iron before leaving the house in the morning. I have been known to get miles down the road , only to have to turn around to re check it again, only to find, every time, that I did in fact unplug it (it does have an auto shut off , but don’t go there)

5. I am left handed to eat and write with, but do almost everything else right handed.

6. I occasionally partake in Horseback archery competitions and have to hold the bow upside down in order to hit the target. Must be a left handed thing…

7. I swam before I walked because my older sibling threw me in our pool (with water wings ofcourse) when mom and dad weren’t watching.

8. I prefer not to use the last of anything, especially toothpaste. Refer to # 3 for an explanation.

9. I constantly misplace my car keys.

10. I have the olfactory sense of a bloodhound. I can smell things you don’t even want to know about.

11. I think I have a good sense of direction until I get lost, which happens a lot…

12. I was kicked in the head by a horse at the age of 11 and should not have survived.

13. I ruptured my spleen a year later and almost bled to death. The spleen healed on its own with blood transfusions as supportive therapy. The surgeons said it was unheard of given how bad the rupture was.

14. I never outgrew that annoying habit that kids have of asking “why” . I am insanely curious about things and tend to be a research geek. I never settle on an answer until I have researched it myself.

15. I have more interests than I have time to pursue.

16. I am deathly afraid of lizards, spiders and snakes and I don’t much like chickens or turkeys either.

17. I have two brothers and a sister.

18. I have an eclectic taste in music but my favorite is Jazz. My uncle was a jazz musician.

19. I am pretty good at shredding people verbally if they want to argue about something and I am a master at using one’s own words against them.

20. I require a lot quiet and alone time.

21. I spent several years wishing I was the crafty creative type. I tried various crafts, trying to find the one that worked for me. I went through cross stitching, sewing, beading, bracelet making, quilting and who knows what else. In the end, I ruined a sewing machine, glued myself to material, and all kinds of other mishaps before I resigned to the fact that I am not crafty or creative. If I am lucky, I can sort of sew a button on my shirt in an emergency… maybe.

22. On the other hand, I am pretty good at interior design. Go figure.

23.I absolutely cannot follow a recipe to save my life. I always have to change something. I blame it on growing up with my Hungarian grandmother who was an amazing cook. I inherited her skills.

24. I hate unloading the dishwasher.

25.I find belly buttons repulsive and belly button jewelry triggers my gag reflex. Feet are barely tolerable. Again, see #3.

26. I learned to play a Jembe drum but in the process, also learned that I am Rhythym challenged. That would explain why I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld.

27. I find it hilarious when people fall and have offended more than one person as a result. I am told it’s a nervous response. I diasagree, I just find it friekin hilarious to watch people fall down.

28.I grew up living next to Meryl Steep and knew all her kids.

29. I taught Jane Curtain’s daughter how to ride horses in Pony Club.

30. I excercised one of Whoopi Goldbergs Arabians for a summer. He was crazy.

31. I hate shopping, unless it's for horse stuff..hate hate hate it.

So there you have and all my "quirks"

Bonus(just because)
I am ALWAYS the one to find a hair or something disgusting in my food at a restaurant. AlWAYS....


Barbara said...

I am SO glad you hate to empty the dishwasher, that now makes TWO of us in the world.

cheyenne jones said...

Hell! You sound ok to me!

BarbeyGirl said...

:) Cute pic.

14, 15, 19, 20, and 24 could be me. We'd better never be roomies -- the dishwasher would stay full FOREVER!

#10 scares me.

Note to self: *wear extra deo when Jonna makes it to an Idaho ride* ;)

Funder said...

I know exactly what you mean about the balance issue. I kind of admire those people (usually mommybloggers) who just spew out everything in their lives, but at the same time it seems rude and gauche and totally, utterly foreign to me.

2 - I need to split some wood. Lots of huge chunks of seasoned pine, very little kindling. I need a maul though.

6 - Eeee, how do you learn mounted archery? You should totally blog that when you're out of ideas!

19 - I am absolutely terrible about in-person arguments but I can demolish someone in writing.

10 - you're my opposite twin. I can't smell much of anything. It's pretty peaceful.

22 - Hey, will you help me figure out what color to paint my front room? For serious!

Dom said...

You sound like my kind of person :) Great post. :)

Jonna said...

You all crack me up...

As for the deodorant.. it won't matter.. I'll be pretty stinky too!!!

@ Funder- You have no idea how lucky you are not to be able to smell much...I'd gladly give you mine... the archery thing is my husband's gig.. I just play around when they need an extra rider. I'll have to do a post.. As for your room.. sorry to say..I'd have to see it...

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

#24 yes yes yes!!!! I hate unloading the dishwasher too!!!!!!!!! Makes 3 of us! (everybody likes to LOAD the dishwasher but nobody likes to UNLOAD the dishwasher, so it always seems to fall to me! ARGH!)
- The Equestrian Vagabond