Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ideas please? Haywire for Home Built Hay feeders

We have mud, serious , deep EPIC mud,  like I have not seen for some time. The horses are miserable and I feel so bad but there isn't much I can do, short of putting them in the garage and all 6 won't fit. We have had to confine them to corrals now because they were tearing up the pasture too badly. They are not happy . I thought the least I could do is maybe invest in some kind of feeder to help get the hay off the ground for them.  I have always admired those heavy duty plastic spitoon looking feeders. Have you ever seen them? They are pretty nifty because they are easy to move around. You can fit 2-3 square bales in them . You can even install them with grates on the bottom for either drainage or to help keep the horses from gorging themselves. What is also nice is that the shape of the feeder does help to keep hay in the feeder better. Horses still manage to throw some out on the ground. They also won't try to crawl into these , generally, like they will with regular horse feeders( the big metal ones)
I had understood that the spitoon feeders were "economical" . So I went searching online. A company called Hi Qual makes them. But guess what? No one in my area is a dealer for them anymore. Figures.  The closest thing is about an hour drive away and I would have to order it. But the guy here that doesn't carry them said he lives near the store that can order it and pick it up for me. Sometimes I love living in Montana.! How is that for customer service. He even gave me his cell number. Ofcourse, if I order, it would be a week before it got here. That was all doable. What I wasn't expecting was the price. $455 big ones for them. Ideally I need two but that puts getting even one out of reach right now.

Plan B- I will gather the various metal water tanks I have laying around and use those until this mud subsides..sigh... I really want one of those pretty little spitoon feeders...

Anyone have any good patterns or ideas for something similar that could be home built?

Off to step into the mud boots (which almost aren't tall enough) and scrub off a horse or two....

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