Friday, March 28, 2014

Just for Fun Friday- Horse Soldier

It's snowing out again.. or atleast it did this morning. It's still cold out. Footing on the trails are still dicey and I am restless. I have ridden Maggie a couple of time in our outdoor arena and she has been surprisingly very calm and not cranky, like her usual spring self. On Wednesday, I rode her , in a snow/rain storm , and had to keep checking I had not grabbed her half brother Cassidy by accident out of the pasture. She was soooo good.

Like a good soldier, getting right down to work.

So in the spirit of her great work ethic. I thought this would be fun to share. It's a video along with the  song about Horse Soldiers . The song is written and performed by the Canadian folk song artist known as Corb Lund and his band The Hurtin Albertin's .
His sound and style is unique. For this song,  Horse Soldier Horse Soldier, the history is  pretty darn accurate along with some neat video and graphics that follow along nicely. It's pretty cool .

Hope you enjoy as much as I do

May the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose !

Thanks for reading

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