Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's in a Name?

So, as I mentioned earlier in my Rebranding post, I was trying to realign things a bit with the name of this blog. In the end, to keep things simple,  and not get into changing URL and confuse everyone.. I just dropped the Barbs, Etc off my header page.  It just doesn't seem to fit anymore and that was the real issue I was having with the whole thing. The Acer Farm part still applies.

This sign still hangs on our tack shed even though we don't raise Morgans anymore
Acer Farm came by the fact that it was Tom's registered prefix with AMHA for his Morgan breeding program. Any horse he bred and raised had to be named with the first word being Acer. There was Acer Emily, Acer Trinity, Acer Katie,  Acer Marksman to name a few her had.  It helps breeders establish their brand if you will in the market place and the horses and their breding become easily recognizable to the buyer, assuming they are familiar with Morgan lines. It's very similar in concept to what some of the Warmblood breeds do , where the foal has to be names with something that starts with the first letter of the stallions name.  My Hanoverian/TB cross colt I raised out of my Secretariat mare was sired by Winnetou. I named the colt Waldemarr.

Sine the Morgan breeding program stopped a number of years ago, we just adopted the name Acer Farm, with a few Morgans and a couple of Morgan crosses and one lone Barb.

So there you have it..

Welcome to Acer Farm

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