Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Discussions with Mags

Brego got hurt, Tom was out of town. The weather was crummy and I needed to get a ride in on Maggie this weekend. I had to work most of the day on Saturday and by the time I got around to getting out to think about a ride on Mags, it was late. Probably too late to haul over the trails.

I think I mentioned that last fall we sold the old truck and steel Goodneck trailer and got ourselves a new rig. The trailer was new right out of the factory and the truck is a 2005 model. It's sure alot nicer set up in many ways but I am still adjusting. That includes driving it. I have not pulled a bumper pull since my early 20's and frankly, I don't really like it. Makes me nervous as heck! Goodnecks pull sooooo much easier.. much less worry about fishtailing and losing control! The truck is HUGE. Its a full length bed so driving this get-up feels like your on a land Yacht. . I am not used to it and certainly not comfortable with it.. 

So, when I considered the time , the hassle, the weather and my apparent fear of driving this thing, I decided to stay home and ride around the place, cruise a few nearby fields and just stay close to home. I guess I'll have to get over it at some point... 

Kinda pretty set up, isnt' she?

Maggie : We have to stay home? But I hate the arena ... 
J: Yes, we are staying home, besides, I can't take you out in public looking the way you do right now. You look like you have mange. 
Maggie: Well if you haven't noticed ,it was snowing just this morning. I need all the hair I can keep but the daylight hours are really creating problems for me
J:You still look like you  have Mange.
Maggie: I thought the braids were supposed to help with that?

J: No the braids are to keep your wild hairdo from getting caught up in my hands whenever I ride you. You seriously need some conditioner in that hair-do/
Maggie:Will that help with the mange?
J: you don't have mange
Maggie: I thought you said I look like I do.. 
J: I did
Maggie: so what is Mange?
J: I will get you a mirror and you can have a look for yourself
Maggie: That would be nice, I could admire myself. 

 Maggie: See this is my sexy look

J: It's not working for you
Maggie: My girth feels awfully tight...
J: That's because you blow yourself up like a puffer fish everytime I try to saddle you. As it is , I have it on the very last hole. It doesn't go any bigger and I am not buying another girth for you. 
Maggie: But I can't breathe
J: If you couldn't breathe, you would turn blue and pass out.
Maggie: I am feeling lightheaded
J: that's because  your holding your breathe,  just let you air out and the girth won't feel so tight. 

Maggie: Look, there's a lady running down the road in pink tights. Why don't you wear pink tights?
J: Because I would look hideous in pink tights
Maggie: Maybe I need a pink saddle pad
J: Your not that kinda girl
Maggie; What kinda girl?
J: the kinda girl that wears pink anything
Maggie: What's wrong with pink?
J: Your not a princess
Maggie: I think I want to be so I can have a pink saddle pad
J: Well your going to have to start by not insisting on covering yourself in 1" thick mud everytime it rains. Princess horses stay clean
Maggie: Maybe your right, I am not that kinda girl. I really like Mud. 
J: I am always right, remember?
Maggie: Not usually, I am pretty sure your ideas aren't good ones most of the time and it irritates me
J: My way is the easy way, you just insist on making things more difficult for yourself
Maggie:I just like to keep you guessing. 

J:The view from up here isn't any better. Your a mess. I just braided your mane last night. It looks like 4 rats got in there and tried to make a nest
Maggie: I tried to rub it out, it itched
J: But you looked so pretty, why must you make such a mess of yourself all the time?
Maggie: Because, remember?
J: NO , what?
Maggie: Because I am not that kinda girl
J: Lets just got for a nice ride, shall we?
Maggie: I suppose, do I have a choice? Your on my back , aren't you?
J: You really could lose the attitude?
Maggie:Well, this is boring. I would rather be out on the trail
J: Finally, something we can agree on..! AMEN

Maggie: My  post ride snack.. my favorite !
J: You still look like you have mange. 


Unknown said...

That was cute! I love the "Pink" arguement! LOL

Mel said...

That was *quite* the mane!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about the trailer thing. Having a truck+trailer combination that I feel comfortable with - ie they are like an extension of my body - is something I really value. I pull a 3 horse slant bumper pull and it's extremely solid behind my truck - absolutely no feeling that it's doing any funny business etc. I've found the truck makes a huge difference in my comfort level. I have a standard cab 3/4 ton long bed truck and I feel like a little sports car zooming around. However, when I hook up with my boyfriends dodge deisel 3/4 ton megacab standard bed pickup, the turning radius is so much larger and it's just so much more unweildy and I'm just not as comfortable with it, even though overall length is about the same. Maybe take it out WITHOUT the horse in it so it takes out one level of stress and take a day trip with it? I know gas costs a lot, but maybe with some time behind the wheel without the horse will make it a less duanting prospect. You obviously know how to drive a trailer!!!!!!!! It's just getting used to the whole bumper versus gooseneck thing (and yeah, they totally feel different, even though I prefer the bumper pull now for the turning stuff).

Sky King's Girl said...

I sure do like Maggie's voice :-)

Jonna said...

Hi Cindy- thanks.. Maggie is really such a little pig.. not a girly girl at all.. but that actually just fine by me.. exept for the mud!

Hi Mel-yes, I need to take the time to drive it more.. I will be fine in time.. just been procrastinating.. Tonight we are going riding so perfect opportunity to start!

Sky King's Girl- She is such a snot.. so I did my best to capture it.. !